life at 69 park lane

Life makes your office building an even better place to work by helping tenants, building staff and local businesses connect.
We believe everyday is important, let’s make the most of it.


Life is not all about work, so we have lovingly styled and created a series of events just for our tenants. Our events aim to create a strong community feel, both in and out of your building – Come and learn new skills, or start a journey to wellness with your neighbours.
Treat yourself to an event. Rest and Relax or Lunch and Learn.

Introducing the Life App

Helping everyone connect in the easiest way possible, the Life app helps you to customise your day at the touch of a button. Simply open the app, check out the latest café deals, book into the next gym class or attend one of our curated events.
Life is here for you.

life is here to help


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